Body Love

When we think about our bodies, we focus on how we look. When we focus on how we look, we usually focus on what we don’t like.

It is certainly a step in a positive direction to notice and appreciate what we do like about our appearance. Instead of zooming in on our saggy butt, we love our beautiful eyes. But this is not the body love I am talking about here.

We need to shift out of the appearance mindset altogether.

How does your body serve you?

It’s time to give your body the due respect it deserves for all it does for you. Your body is your home. It is also your vehicle for getting around in the world. It is an intricate machine that performs incredibly complicated biochemical processes millions of times, every single second of every day. (I can lend you my anatomy and physiology textbook if you don’t believe me).
Without your body, you couldn’t do anything.  You couldn’t walk, see, write, hug, laugh, hear music, or taste delicious food.

Every moment, your body is working for you. Even if you have a chronic illness or disability, there are still millions of things your body is doing right, all the time. It rises to the challenge this world puts on it. It surmounts obstacles and tries its best despite not always being fed the optimal fuel.

Aging also brings out negative feelings about appearance. But aging is just wear and tear, evidence of a life lived and a job well done.

Your body carries you. It allows you to participate in life. You only get one, so take care of it.