Mentoring Services


Are you opening a new private practice?

Are you expanding into functional nutrition?

Do you need support?

It’s hard to be on your own. Running your own practice can be daunting. There are so many details to learn and manage. And as your practice grows, you have to juggle all those new client cases. Each one needs a personalized treatment plan, not to mention the sense of responsibility for getting them well. And we all experience that feeling of uncertainty that we don’t know what we are doing!

I’ve been there, and it is scary. I remember what it feels like to be floundering, feeling like you are on your own, trying to get new clients, trying to keep clients coming back, and trying to earn their trust and help them feel better and healthier. In private practice, the buck stops with you.

I am proud to offer mentoring services to those dietitians in need of support.

I can offer years of experience and perspective that I gained running my own practice.

Business support:

  • How does one open a private practice?
  • Should you take insurance? What should your fees be?
  • How to set a schedule.
  • Policies to have in place.
  • How to set boundaries so clients don’t take advantage of you.
  • Charting systems, virtual counseling, educational handouts
  • And more…

Clinical support:

  • Case review and support creating treatment plans and protocols
  • How to get started with supplements, what are the best ones for certain conditions
  • How to get started with labs, which to run and when.
  • And more…

We can meet in person, via Skype/Facetime, or by phone. Each mentoring session lasts one hour and the fee is $160. I am negotiable on the frequency of sessions, based on your need. One or two times a month is typical. I am available for help and questions via email between sessions.

Testimonial from a happy mentee:

Dianne and I began working together in July, 2016 as I was starting my business. I was overwhelmed, had a ton of questions, and needed help. I had listened to Dianne’s webinars on gut health and heartburn/GERD, and was so impressed with her knowledge that I began to follow her on Facebook and read her blog. As I was creating my own business model and studying integrative nutrition, I knew that having Dianne as a mentor would help me to be successful with my goals. So I reached out to her and asked about a mentoring program. Dianne immediately responded and agreed to help. Since working with Dianne, she has mentored me on how to further create my business, hone my policies and procedures, understand insurance reimbursement and superbills, and has provided guidance on how to make my business grow. She has also provided me with tools and resources to better assist my clients. Dianne has a vast knowledge of labs and supplements. Through her guidance, I have been able to set up accounts, make solid supplement recommendations to my clients, and gain an understanding of which tests I want to offer. By far, the most valuable part of our time together has been Dianne’s willingness to help me evaluate case studies. Being fairly new to integrative and functional nutrition, I evaluate my most difficult cases with Dianne. This provides me with further knowledge and skills to help my clients, and offers them the most well rounded approach in terms of feeling their best and achieving wellness. If you are considering a mentor, I would highly recommend Dianne.

Jennifer Laurence, MA, RD, LDN
Registered Dietitian
Right Balance Integrative Nutrition

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