Below are testimonials from satisfied clients, written in their own words. Names have been omitted due to HIPAA confidentiality laws.

...I'm no longer flattened by constant fatigue.

“Having dealt with the ups and downs of an IBS diagnosis for nearly 15 years, I came to Dianne in the midst of a severe flare-up that 18 months and thousands of dollars of conventional care had not been able to tame. Her diagnostic abilities go well beyond “you have this, take that” to explore the complicated nuances of gut disorders. In addition, Dianne is able to discuss a much broader array of interventions than one would otherwise have access to. I’d already tried a raft of drugs and diet protocols to no avail, so Dianne worked with me to move forward with principled experimentation to see what sorts of additional behavioral change and supplements might have a positive impact. In what felt like a remarkably short period of time, we’ve managed to improve my gut health significantly and I’m no longer flattened by constant fatigue. Dianne is a delight to work with: committed, knowledgeable, and engaging. I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone suffering from stubborn digestive issues.”

Now, at 40, I feel better than I did in my 20s.

“For 20 years doctors couldn’t tell me why I suffered from fatigue. A friend recommended I see Dianne and I’m so glad I did. Acknowledging that I didn’t need general advice on nutrition, Dianne offered a few tests that could glean information about why my energy was low. We discovered the cause and treated it with a customized diet and supplements. Now, at 40, I feel better than I did in my 20s. My sleep habits are healthy, my energy is up, and my mind is clear! I hadn’t even realized how much I was dragging myself through my days until I didn’t have to any more. I love working with Dianne and absolutely recommend her. She changed my life!

Within three months I felt like a new person.

“My health issues began pretty much as soon as I joined the world. As a kid I always struggled with stomach issues. I was tested for everything and we found out I had Celiac’s Disease. Though diet improved my health, I still did not feel great. My sophomore year of high school I was diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease. This led to multiple rounds of doxycycline and amoxicillin along with my 5 year battle of joint pain, fatigue, and the ever present stomach issues. I finally began seeking help, and was led to Dianne. She put me on a treatment plan, for the lifetime of stress my body’s been under due to the high amounts of antibiotics I had been on, and quickly began rebuilding my gut. Alongside the supplements Dianne recommended, I changed my diet and almost immediately began feeling a change! Within three months I felt like a new person. I have a new lease on life that I had never experienced before and began living a life without fearing of the pain that was coming. I am now studying abroad in France and have the freedom from suffering with fatigue, pain, or digestive issues.”

I started to notice a difference immediately!!!

“Since as far back as I can remember, I’ve always had what my mom would call a “sensitive” stomach. Diarrhea, constipation, bloating and heartburn were such a part of my life that as a joke, Santa would always leave me a bottle of Tums and Immodium in my stocking. Then, in my senior year of high school, I was diagnosed with severe anemia and ulcerative colitis. My journey with IBD was bumpy and fraught with tests and colonoscopies. Ten years later, I was a nervous wreck, obsessed about finding the right meds to control my UC symptoms while simultaneously trying to live my life around when I had to go to the bathroom. My heartburn was non-stop, requiring strong PPI meds. Meds on top of meds, with no end in sight! I was anxious but tired, mentally foggy and always bloated, and even my heartburn wasn’t under control.

That’s when I found Dianne. From our first meeting at her office, I felt like I finally had someone who understood what I was going through. We talked about eliminating the trigger foods for heartburn and for my UC. I thought it would be hard to do but she gave me ideas of recipes and ingredients to have on hand to help me make the necessary changes.

I started to notice a difference immediately!!! Not only that, just by eliminating those items from my diet I lost 15 pounds in a month or so. I have more energy now, and have been off my UC meds for more than 3 months, and have dosed down on my heartburn meds significantly. My brain fog is gone and I’m never bloated anymore. I just had my routine colonoscopy and for the first time since 1991, the results showed NO SIGNS of the disease!! I think it’s safe to say the path I’m walking right now is the right one, and I’m so happy that Dianne is coaching me along the way!”

I finally found the cause and treatment for my problem

“I can’t thank Dianne enough for her help with my IBS. After more than 17 years of looking for answers, going to different doctors and hospitals, I finally found the cause and treatment for my problem. It has really changed my life! I hope people with problems like mine get an opportunity to be treated by Dianne”

I am feeling great and I am shouting Dianne’s name from the rooftops.

“I began working with Dianne earlier this year following 3 years of escalating stomach issues and a sense of frustration that none of the tests or treatments from my doctor had improved symptoms far less explained or tackled the root cause. I had researched and read up on a variety of issues that I felt could be causing my problems but didn’t know where to start tackling this alone. On meeting Dianne and in the subsequent weeks of treatment my expectations were completely surpassed and I am delighted with the progress we have made in a relatively short period of time.
On first meeting I was dealing with chronic stomach pain, a variety of annoying and debilitating gut issues and increasingly frequent and painful headaches and migraines. Working with Dianne has dramatically improved my symptoms to the point that I no longer rely on my daily (and emergency!) doses of imodium and my headaches are a thing of the past.
Dianne is not only knowledgeable and pragmatic but relaxed and encouraging in her approach to discussing and tackling what can be emotive, irritating and embarrassing issues to discuss. She is available whenever I have had questions or concerns and been supportive in the inevitable speed bump moments when things don’t go to plan.  I am feeling great and I am shouting Dianne’s name from the rooftops.”

Dianne is THE only one who listened to ALL of my issues!

“I have always suffered from anxiety growing up, nervous stomach was thrown around once or twice, but as I got older anxiety was the main and most obvious symptom disrupting my daily life. During college is when my health started to fall apart. I must have gone to the doctors over 100 times within those 4 years, and let me tell you I got absolutely no where. Frustrated and worried are the two words that come to mind while I frantically tried to find a doctor who could diagnose me. For 5 years I was only treating my anxiety, I finally realized the prescriptions given to me were just a temporary fix or a bandaid for only part of major problems. I was suffering from leaky gut and constipation, having constant IBS flare ups, chronic fatigue, my hormones and mood swings were all over the place and food intolerances started to sky rocket. In all honesty, my health got to the point where I use to cry every single time I walked out of a doctors appointment because I could feel that they were missing something and I was just getting more and more sick as time goes by. I found Dianne online and I truly believe without her I would still have little knowledge about what is going on, and definitely would not be on a recovery plan. But now I have both, and I can’t thank Dianne enough! Out of 5 years of seeing so many types of professionals in the health field Dianne is THE only one who listened to ALL of my issues . I immediately felt so relieved after my first appointment with her. By healing my gut, my anxiety and fatigue are better too! Dianne, you are the best. I would recommend her to anyone, she gave me the explanation and answers I needed to start healing with such ease, urgency and understanding! I am finally feeling better and it’s all thanks to her!

I feel supported and positive under her care.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Dianne, when I contacted her for her advice on my digestive tract issues. With Dianne’s help I was able to start healing and felt better and more energetic in a very short period of time. I feel supported and positive under her care.”

I am feeling more in control of my body, my symptoms and managing my UC.

“Ulcerative colitis has been a part of my life for the last 15 years, recently, I found myself at a crossroads with my health. I could continue down the path of feeling dissatisfied after doctor’s visit and filling prescriptions or follow a new path focused on living a healthier lifestyle. Over the past six months, Dianne has worked with me to create a nutritional plan focused on gut friendly foods and specific supplements to help me manage my UC. She has had me reflect on how different foods make me feel. Dianne’s plan for me has included manageable action steps. Dianne is helping me meet my goal of healthy living. I am feeling more in control of my body, my symptoms and managing my UC. Dianne is the advocate and coach I have been looking for! She is guiding me down the path to a healthier lifestyle and I’d like to thank her for that.”

I don't have the time to worry if I am going to feel well enough to get out of the house.

“Dianne’s knowledge, commitment, and communication has made the process of gaining control over my irritable gut so much more pleasurable than I could have ever imagined.  I feel good, I’ve lost weight (nice side effect) and I have learned how to eat clean and support my active and crazy life with her suggested vitamins and supplements to meet my unique needs.  As a mommy of 3 young boys I don’t have the time to worry if I am going to feel well enough to get out of the house.   No more running off to the bathroom during soccer games.  It’s been a pleasure and a life changing event working with Dianne.”

I have so much more energy than I did even ten years ago!

“I knew something wasn’t right. I didn’t feel well, but I didn’t realize how lousy I actually felt until I started working with Dianne.  Dianne listened carefully to my description of my symptoms, and asked thoughtful questions during the intake.  I started on a vitamin protocol that has literally changed my life.  I have so much more energy than I did even ten years ago!
Just this would have been sufficient reason to work with Dianne, but I also have a tremendous debt of gratitude to Dianne for another reason. Approximately eight years ago, I was diagnosed with psoriasis.  Initially, I used topical ointments and then steroid injections prescribed by the dermatologist. Psoriasis is a tricky disorder to treat, and as time progressed, it no longer responded to these interventions.  I would have had to move on to a treatment with significant side effects in order to continue seeing benefit.  I knew that I didn’t want to put harsh substances into my body, and I was going to just let the psoriasis take its course, while doing my best to manage it with meditation and diet. When I talked to Dianne about it, she suggested an anti-inflammatory protocol that doesn’t have any side effects.  Within three months, my arms, chest and back had cleared. Six months later, my legs are slowly but surely clearing.
Dianne is kind, reasonable, thoughtful, intelligent, and practical!  Working with Dianne has made a world of difference for my health!”

Doctors told me steroids were the only way...

“I was days away from starting a lifetime drug regiment as recommended by my doctor.  They told me steroids were the only way for me to find relief. After consulting with Dianne, going through her testing and adhering to her advice, I remain drug free and have achieved remission from my GI issues!  I cannot say enough good things about her and her natural, holistic approach.”

She emphasized a goal of healing my conditions, not merely coping.

“I can highly recommend Dianne Rishikof Nutrition counseling for help with gut health issues.  I began working with Dianne this year following many years of treatment with a Gastroenterologist.  I had reached a plateau with the treatment – many symptoms had reduced in intensity, but I was at a stubborn point of not progressing and not feeling as well as I wanted/needed to.  Dianne worked with me on a comprehensive analysis of my symptoms.  From the outset she emphasized a goal of healing my conditions, not merely coping.  She has a vast knowledge base and set of tools for diagnosing gut health issues We gained great insight from the testing and investigation.  From this Dianne provided me with a set of dietary modifications, lifestyle changes and supplements that have improved my well being tremendously.  In fact, my condition has improved more rapidly in months, compared to years with the Gastroenterologist.  Throughout the process the counseling was insightful, personalized and professional.  I only wish I’d worked with her sooner!”

For the first time in years I'm feeling so much better

“I’m so grateful to Dianne. I have had this condition for years, going from doctor to doctor not getting anywhere. For the first time in years I’m feeling so much better, no more stomach pains. Dianne is so compassionate and very knowledgeable. I would recommend Dianne to anyone. I think she is the best.”

I am thrilled and haven’t felt this good in many years.

“Dianne has been helping me for 3 months now with a lot of digestive issues I had been struggling to understand for many many years.  I have experienced long periods of GI upset with extreme bloating, upset stomach, food reactions, fatigue, and just feeling overall sick.  I tried many avenues and eliminations but nothing really seemed to click.  I thought it was strictly gluten so I went gluten free, but it didn’t really improve much.  I kept diaries.  I went to the doctor.  I read books.  I finally said I had had it and researched nutritionists who had background in dealing with a variety of similar issues (gluten, candida, leaky gut) and I narrowed it down to Dianne after speaking with her.  After a thorough intake, Dianne had a very clear plan of what she wanted me to do.  I willingly agreed to do everything she suggested. Within a few weeks the extreme bloating (I mean I would go from normal to feeling 6 months pregnant in a flash) were disappearing!   She has always been available readily for questions and support as I changed my diet and introduced new alternatives and started to feel human again.  She goes above and beyond than pretty much any healthcare professional I have ever met with, and more importantly, I am basically symptom free!  I feel amazing.  I cannot recommend her enough if you are experiencing any digestive issues, as her knowledge and commitment to helping you get better is invaluable.  I am sure she will be a resource for me for many years to come as I learn new things about what triggers my symptoms, but as for now, I am thrilled and haven’t felt this good in many years.  She has been a blessing!!  Thank you Dianne!!!”

Dianne's advice has been invaluable.

“My celiac diagnosis a little over a year ago turned out to be a total lifestyle change that has proven much harder to negotiate than I had expected. Dianne’s advice on things like the benefits of a “whole foods” diet and low-FODMAP foods has been invaluable. As I have come to realize, eating right is a life-long experiment, with lots of ups and downs. Having a trusted source of information is important, and Dianne has filled that role very well for me.”

Dianne is a Healer and a fantastic resource, and puts her clients first.

“Dianne is a Healer and a fantastic resource. She considers alternative therapies that go beyond conventional, doctor recommended drug regiments. We all react and respond to treatment differently. Dianne understands this. Based on testing and employing holistic, natural approaches, she puts her clients first. You will be in good hands with her.”

after years of struggles

“Dianne is determined to find ways to help her patients. She thinks outside the box and offers many ideas for treatment. She helped me to find a regimen that works to ease my digestive issues and keep it working properly. I finally feel good about the direction my health is headed in after years of struggles”

Dianne took time to listen to my concerns before suggesting various treatments.

“Dianne is knowledgeable and holistic in her approach to wellness and nutrition. I appreciated the way she took time to listen to my concerns before suggesting various treatments.  When you are struggling with a chronic condition, it is frustrating to receive the same standard advice that you have already tried and failed. I was grateful that Dianne was able to hear how standard advice had failed, and use that as a starting point to brainstorm alternative approaches.”

You are amazing! You’ve changed my life.

“You are amazing!  You’ve changed my life.
Hillary Clinton needs you!”

I did not realize so many things regarding your health both mentally and physically could be helped with proper nutrition.

“Dianne was so helpful to me regarding my issues trying to gain weight by eating properly. My ex-sister-in-law was a nutritionist but she has nowhere near the knowledge that this woman has. I did not realize so many things regarding your health both mentally and physically could be helped with proper nutrition. Truly a great experience for me”

Her education has led me to making better, healthier choices about what I eat

“I was amazed at how much impact even just a few sessions with Dianne had on my eating habits. She really educated me on nutrition in general but more specifically on how to evaluate and “classify” what I eat. The education has led me to making better, healthier choices about what I eat and how much. I continue to connect with Dianne to help me to sort through all the information that comes my way on nutrition, vitamins, supplements, what foods are good/bad, etc. She is very knowledgeable and keeps up with the current research.”

Thanks to Dianne, I have been able to maintain my ideal weight.

“Thanks to Dianne I have been able to focus on a weight loss program that is now an integral part of my life, not just a passing event. I had never been in a position to have to watch my weight before, so I did not know where to start. Dianne helped educate me about calorie, portion control, and helped me change how I eat everyday. I went from skipping breakfast everyday, barely eating lunch and then finishing the day with a large dinner to eating 5-6 small healthy meals/snacks each day. I not only lost the weight I intended to but combined with a physical fitness program, I have been able to maintain my ideal weight.”

By making me aware of simple things ... you made this painless

“Dianne, I would like to thank you for the sessions we have had. Without having to completely change my life, the suggestions you have made have resulted in me losing weight, getting my cholesterol back in line, and getting my triglycerides in check. By making me aware of simple things like healthy snacks and portion control you made this painless……….many thanks.”

She is professional, knowledgeable and met all our goals.

“My family uses her services and found her to be professional, knowledgeable and met all our goals. I can’t speak any higher of anyone I have referred to before.”

Working with Dianne has been life changing for me.

“Working with Dianne has been life changing for me. I came to her after learning that I had high cholesterol and high blood pressure and wanted to avoid taking medication. Since working with her, I have been able to lose weight and reduce my blood pressure and cholesterol levels and have avoided taking medication. Dianne has really educated me on nutrition and has put together a program, which fits my lifestyle and is something I can stay with over the long term. I would recommend her to anyone who like me was confused by all the fad diets and mixed messages of what to eat.”

Dianne has been the most effective and connected to my goals.

“I have seen my fill of Nutritionists and Dianne has been the most effective and connected to my goals. I think I was looking for some kind of magic and what Dianne showed me was that it is not about dieting and denial, but approaching your diet with healthy and educated choices. She guided me on how to make these choices, she equipped me with a strong education about nutrition and the results…I lost weight. That was where the magic came. Over, what I thought was a short period of time where I was just tweaking my diet a bit (no major deprivation plan), my weight was dropping and I was feeling better than ever. Moderation was the key and I learned to enjoy foods that were healthy and craving satisfying. Dianne’s philosophy about nutrition is very comfortable and low key and it made me want to try a new way of eating and enjoy healthy foods. Thanks Dianne.”