Here are a few resources that are sure to benefit your health!

Real whole foods that are also convenient:

Smoothies from Daily Harvest:

Daily Harvest offers ready to blend smoothies, soups, oats, and chia bowls. They are delicious and in the freezer for when you don’t have any time or energy (or fresh food).

Ice Age Meals:

Ice age meals is a service that delivers frozen healthy meals to your door. The food is delicious and high quality. With a few meals in my freezer, I never have to worry about not having something healthy to eat. Use my link to get 10% off:

Zing Bars

I think you’ll love Zing Bars – they combine great taste with great nutrition! I like this product because it was created by dietitians. With a nut butter base, the bars are high protein, high fiber, low glycemic, and free of wheat, gluten, soy and additives of any kind. Zing Bars knows you’ll love them, too, so they’re offering you 10% off your purchase – just click this link to enjoy the Zing!

KNOW foods

KNOW foods makes non-GMO, grain-free and great tasting alternatives to traditional grain-based bread and bread products that are gluten, wheat, dairy, peanut, soy, yeast, preservative and GUILT-free!

Grove Collaborative:

Grove is a company that carries only environmentally friends and non-toxic cleaning and personal care products. Things like bathroom cleaner, hand soap, laundry detergent, and much much more. And everything is affordable! Unlike at Whole Foods. And they ship to your door. Use my link to get a discount.

For Parents:


Nomsly, packs and delivers healthy lunches for kids, ordered online via subscription and delivered weekly. It’s like a healthy version of Lunchables delivered to your door, and simplifying parents’ lives while helping them feed their kids nutritious, tasty food.

Healthy Snacking for Kids

One of the leading experts on child nutrition, Jill Castle, has a variety of resources. Her latest: Healthy Snacking for Kids e-book. With a planner and education and also 85 snack ideas!

Adult Nutrition Resources:

Recipes and Meal Plans:

Gathered Table is a meal plan service where you can pick and choose your recipes that suit your schedule and taste. They also general shopping lists and other resources. All recipes developed by Registered Dietitians

Prepear is a meal planning website with tons of features.

Eat Love is another great site that provides personalized meal plans

Happy Plates also provides recipes and shopping lists.

Personal Chef

Pixie Dust Gourmet provides healthful meals using whole foods. She has a standard menu of meals, and she will also customize and create meals based on your own dietary needs. She does all the shopping and cooking and delivers fresh homemade meals to your door.

Break free from Binge Eating and Improve your Relationship to Food:

A lot of people have challenges with binge eating. And it is one area that I am not qualified enough to help. So I found a resource for you! A free e-book with tips on how to free yourself from binge eating:

It’s jam packed with great insights about…

  • How to handle the out of control feeling you have around food without dieting
  • How to finally lose weight without an ounce of willpower
  • Why eating your trigger foods is actually crucial to stop binge eating

My friend and colleague Julie Latz is giving it away for free right now. She’s the expert on teaching people how to stop binge eating and putting an end to sneaking and hiding food.

You can download your copy here.