A weight loss plan as unique as your genes

There are a lot of sensible weight loss recommendations (and many non-sensible ones). I have a lot of success helping people lose weight thru cutting sugar and processed starch and raising their protein and healthy fats. If that doesn’t work, I dig deeper and look at their stress hormones, insulin sensitivity, thyroid function and various other medical reasons for lack of weight loss. If that doesn’t work, now I have another trick up my sleeve: genetics.

I have started using GxSlim by Genetic Direction. Through testing your DNA, we find out how your body processes foods and deals with exercise. Then we can develop weight loss recommendations based on your unique genetic profile.

There are 7 components that are discovered through this test:

  1. if your body is resistant to losing weight
  2. how well your body is able to process carbohydrates in your diet
  3. how much body fat you can lose through cardio exercise
  4. how well your body is able to absorb folate
  5. how sensitive your body is to the amount of fat in your diet
  6. how your body responds to strength training
  7. how sensitive your body is to the amount of protein in your diet

This can show us which kinds of foods you should or shouldn’t eat and how you should exercise to optimize your weight loss. Very exciting stuff!