Grain-Free Tabouleh


Parsley happens to be one of the healthiest foods. It helps our bodies get rid of all the toxins that are inevitably in our cells. Both internal metabolic by products as well as toxins from food and the environment are constantly being introduced into the body. Our body has the task of getting rid of them.

The challenge of including a significant amount of parsley in my diet, regularly, seemed a difficult one. Tabouleh came to mind but I am gluten-free so I can’t eat the couscous. Instead of substituting the couscous with some other grain, why not just make a vegetable-only tabouleh?? This keeps it very low calorie and practically carb-free and the proportion of parsley is all the higher.
2 bunches of parsley (washed and chopped)
1/2 of cucumber-diced into small pieces
1 large handful of grape tomatoes, diced into small pieces
2-3 scallions
salt (to taste)
garlic infused olive oil

(The vegetables can be altered to your preferences. For instance, you can use more or less cucumber or tomato, as well as adding yellow pepper or any other vegetable.)

Wash and chop all the veggies
Combine into a bowl and mix
Squeeze fresh lemon juice over the parsley mixture until all leaves are damp
Drizzle oil over mixture
And sprinkle salt.


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