Health Takes Guts® Nutritional Supplement Line

Better health in a bottle

When you’re unwell, all you want is to feel better. But when a doctor can’t prescribe a medicine that works, or that only covers up the problem instead of healing it, what do you do? That’s where a nutritional supplement comes in.

After discovering the junk put into some supplement products you can buy over the counter, (and the good stuff is MISSING) I created my own line – Health Takes Guts®. These are exceptional quality, cGMP and USP certified – which means they’re approved 100% safe to take – and help all of my clients restore and maintain better health.

They can help do that for you, too.

To find out more about what’s included in the line, watch the video below. Then head to the descriptions and pick the one(s) you need.


Anti-Inflammatory - nutritional supplement

This supplement contains ten of the most powerful and healthful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances. These ingredients are known in the medical world to help support the body, maximize energy, and prevent cellular damage. By preventing cellular damage, they can slow the aging process and reduce the risk of cancer. By reducing inflammation, this supplement eases the painful symptoms of inflammation by getting to the root of the problem.

“Dianne’s line of supplements has improved my pain from inflammation and allowed me to function with much less pain throughout my day.”

“The pain in my joints is gone! I can move better and sleep better”


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Focus for ADHD - focus nutritional supplement

Focus was created for adults and children struggling with ADHD or ADHD-like symptoms. It combines all of the nutrients needed for proper brain function – nutrients that this population is oftentimes deficient in. I meticulously tailored the dosage to be appropriate for children, and provide a child-friendly powder option. This nutritional supplement is free from wheat, dairy, and soy. In fact, it contains nothing but the intended nutrients. This supplement is not a substitute for medication or therapy, but is important for supporting optimal brain function in your child.

“Before taking the Focus Powder I found myself looking out the window…A LOT. Now I stay more on task.” –From an 11-year old client


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Adult Multivitamin

Multivitamin - nutritional supplement

This multivitamin has everything a multivitamin should…and nothing else! Every nutrient was meticulously thought out, from dosage to form – specifically folate and B12. Store-bought vitamins include folic acid or cyanocobalamin. Our bodies can’t use folic acid, so we change it into methylfolate, which nearly 50% of people are unable to do.* This supplement has methylfolate in it, so you are all set. Cyanocobalamin is the common form of B12 in other supplements, but to use it our bodies slice off the cyanide molecule (yes, that cyanide). This supplement includes hydroxycobalamin, a safer and more useful form. This vitamin also includes a low dose of lithium for mood enhancement and B12 absorption, 1000IU of Vitamin D, and Vitamin E-a for extra immune system support. No soy, artificial colors or preservatives.

“After two weeks on the multivitamin I feel less tired. I have consistent energy throughout the day, instead of the swings of energy and fatigue I used to feel”

“I can’t believe I lived so long without these vitamins. I didn’t even realize I wasn’t feeling well. Now I have more energy, less mood swings, less sugar cravings, and more thought clarity”

“After less than a week on the multivitamin, I am sleeping like a baby and have more energy!”


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Heal Your Gut

Heal Your Gut - nutritional supplement

Heal Your Gut was designed for individuals suffering from leaky gut or any other digestive disorder, such as Crohn’s, IBS, or SIBO, etc. The lining of the GI tract is our only defense against unwanted things getting into our body, and yet this lining get injured by so many things in our modern lifestyle. This supplement is a compilation of the many supplements you need to heal the lining of your digestive track. This set of supplements includes an L-glutamine powder, which is an amino acid, and capsules with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are often recommended for healing the GI track.

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Methylation Helper

Methylation Helper - nutritional supplement

Methylation Helper is a fancy, high-quality B complex vitamin. About 50% of people have a genetic impairment for methylation. Methylation is a very important process that occurs in our cells. Without methylation, our bodies can’t use folate or vitamin B12. Additionally, in order to methylate, you need a host of B vitamins.  If you know through blood tests that you are impaired for methylation, or if you just want the activated form of B6, B9 and B12, this supplement is for you.

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Phospholipids for your Brain

Choline Serine - nutritional supplement

This supplement contains two very important phospholipids: Phosphatidylcholine and Phosphatidylserine. Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is an essential component of every cell membrane, including the brain. It is also the precursor for acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for memory, focus, processing speed and executive functioning. PC has also been used as a treatment for liver disease, high cholesterol, anxiety, eczema, memory loss, preventing aging, and gut healing. Phosphatidylserine (PS) is an essential component of brain cell membranes. It helps with memory and concentration, as well as with overall brain wellness. PS also increases acetylcholine levels in the brain and helps maintain healthy cortisol (stress hormone) levels. PS has been used in the treatment of dementia, age related decline, depression and ADHD.

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Calm: L-Theanine

L-Theanine - nutritional supplement

Calm: L-Theanine contains pure L-Theanine. This amino acid (single molecule protein) is derived from tea and promotes relaxation without drowsiness. It does this by helping the calming neurotransmitters and parasympathetic nervous system (resting), thereby reducing stress responses. There is some evidence that it also regulates all neurotransmitters and modulates mood, improves cognition and increases focus.

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Learn more about the Health Takes Guts® Nutritional Supplement Line and the five unique blends available through Dianne Rishikof in the following video:

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions about the Health Takes Guts® Nutritional Supplement Line.

Health Takes Guts® supplements are cGMP and USP certified.

In addition to these supplements, I also recommend, use, and am a professional vendor of several other professional supplement lines:

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